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Followed the instructions as written and it worked fine first time  :) It does seem to generate a bit of garbage when the connection is closed, is it supposed to do that?

By using rfcomm and an RN-41 module I even managed to get it working over bluetooth  :D


This sounds really nice, though I was wondering if there really isn't any sort of way to use this with Windows 7.. Can't exactly install XP on this machine seeing as the hardware is too new, so.. Anyone with the know-how to rig this up on newer windows systems?



mmh, i've done that exactly...

stops while calling....
then Error 777.


Ok, i try it tomorrow on another PC... maybe it works there...

Thank you

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I found a trial version of a program that is supposed to provide SLIP support on Vista, maybe you could give that a go and see if it works? http://www.ngsoft.com/category/SLIP

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