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Mike Mc



The link seems broken to me.
Am I missing something obvious ?


It appears to have moved:

See next post (due to forum limitation on first posts...)


Thanks. I'm off to have a good read. That site has very reasonably price kit as well so if I can get my web project to work I may be after a Mega.


Ahhh.  I like it.  I might actually buy an Arduino now.


Web project working.....Mega ordered.
Now to do battle with getting the ehterSheild to work with the Mega  :-[

Mike Mc

Now to do battle with getting the ehterSheild to work with the Mega

You can't


My Mega hasn't turned up yet so I haven't started playing, but your words  worry me as it is an integral part of my project. I thought I'd read somewhere you need to physically swap some pins around. I think this meant bending a pin on the Ethernet shield so it didn't enter in to the corresponding socket and instead running a cable to it from another socket. Have you heard of this? Doesn't it work?

Steve S

"You can't"

You can't just plug in the shield and expect it to work. The pin placing on the mega boards is different to the regular boards (specifically, I think, it's the SPI pins, but I might be wrong about that).

So you have to circumvent it by getting creative and bending pins/attaching wires. I haven't done it myself, so can't vouch for it, but I can see how it *should* work.

Mike Mc

You could get it to work by plugging it into a breadboard and then running jumper wires to the appropriate pins. But, I think the issue is with the way the Mega runs it interrupts and I don't think the shield is compatible.


I'll have a play when I get my Mega and let you know. Thanks

Mike Mc

Slight revision to the book so new upload. Book can be obtained from the link bottom left - http://www.earthshineelectronics.com/

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