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Mike Mc - Which pages are revised? I printed a copy of your book and want to know what has changed so I can print changed pages. Great book and kit.  Thanks for your work. Your free book sold me your kit.

Mike Mc

Various minor changes throughout the book. Errors, etc. spotted by users.


will we be seeing any new chapters any time soon?  :D

thanks again!


thanx at lastfound a opensource book for a opensource hardware


when i try u'r link i get a http 404 error

Mike Mc


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Great! Thanks!


Mike, this has and will continue to be a great help. Thank you! Very well done!


I'm from Norway!


The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.

Mike Mc


Mike, do you have a new book coming out soon called Beginning Arduino?  If so, which Arduino kit would you recommend for the book. Thank you.

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