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Ben Combee

The advantage of the TLC5940 over the TLC5947 for a kit like this is

1) the 5940 is available in a DIP package, making it easier to solder.  The original workshop this was based on was building the circuit on a breadboard, so the surface mount part just didn't work

2) the 5940 seems to be much more available.  I only found one source for the 5947 on Octopart.

Basically, the original purpose of the board was to have a way for people who took the original HTINK workshop to make a more permanent version of their breadboard circuit.


Finally found some time and got it working! (I had managed to rip out a couple of tracks with my terrible soldering skills)

I'm now having fun playing with colours and patterns...

I'll post some video as soon as I find some more time.


Alex Gulik

Are you going to be making new versions of this device?

Ben Combee

I may make a new revision in November that does a multiplexed output and uses only one TLC5490, although my personal need for that is less now that the Rainbowduino exists and works very well.


Hi, look nice, could you post a video of it doing something ;)

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