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I have an Antenna Rotor, and I would like to control with an Ardiuno. I know the rotor is AC ( low voltage ? ) but I don't know how to connect propely, what pin is which, so I can use the rotor. I included a picture of the rotor connection. Any help will be appreciated.


Brand and model ? There is a lot of information and examples of antenna rotator stuff, including hacking and modifying them on the Ham Radio sites.

Here is a site that you can ask around if you don't get any info from here.




Thank retrolefty for reply my post. Thank for the effort.

I have no brand, no model...I "hack" it up by applying a AC ( about 10 V ac ) from a transformer rated @ 2A.  Here my conclusion...Bottom screw is "commun" Top screw is V1 and Middle screw is V2...so I apply a V at V1 & com... no result but a bit of "spark" , I apply V2 & com, no result but a bit of "spark",  at V1 & V2...Nothing... If you look at the picture closely... It is RUSTY... The thing been outside for about 5 year maybe more at the cottage...I turn the motor with a plyer <-- Don't worry... no power is being apply....Just to see if the motor trun easy... NOT .. a "bit" hard... Trying to fix it... TOO rusty  :smiley-yell:

Well the rotor is good for.....Garbage... =(

It look like I have to build from scratch a "Antenna Rotor" using a step motor with gears or a motor with gear maybe a homemade "big" servo. ( a servo is : Motor, gears, potentiometer and a circuit ) Anybody can help me to find a schematic of a servo system. And of course, the unit has to be build to withstand the Toronto weather <-- YES also WINTER.


This looks like a TV rotator, instead of a typical ham rotator.  There's a fair amount of difference in the two (features, quality of construction, cost, etc).



Yes, it is. It a TV Rotator. The problem with this one is : Motor stuck, rust and simply don't work. I CAN even open the rotor... TOO rusty... I have to design & make a TV Rotator using : 1. Step motor design or 2. A servo design.   For gears , motors ect... I few trips to the surplus store : Active Surplus http://www.activesurplus.com  or A-1 Electronics http://www.a1parts.com/ Those stores carry all kinds of goods stuffs for the hacker and builder.


Thank KE7GKP, I will try it.  Bear in mind, the unit is rusty, I even try to turn the rotor ( the motor ) freely ( no power ) , but it won't move, just simply rusty. Oh well, I wil try and see what happen.

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