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yes, the link can be reached from the playground area. Just go to the section "Interfacing with HW" -> "LCD" -> "LCD displays" and there you can find a whole bunch of stuff.

I do agree, having the entire community contributing to the playground it has grown to the best of our abilities and perhaps with a little reorganization... Volunteers?

In any case, it is great to find such an extensive source of information experiences, and in most cases, very well documented.


Library updated to version 1.0.1, which corrects a minor initialization bug that should happend, added some additional comments to the code and verify before sending commands to the LCD that it has been initialised correctly. Available for download in its regular place https://bitbucket.org/fmalpartida/lcd_c0220biz-display-driver/wiki/Home.



The library has moved to version V1.1.0. It adds a new generic ST7036 driver class and each particular display can inherit or extend this class. Now the NHD-C0220BIZ is implemented as a sub-class of the ST7036 driver. The methods on the ST7036 methods are not virtual to minimise the RAM usage, careful if using pointers to the class.

It also has an LCD API 1.0 pure abstract class to simplify development of other LCDs. It should only be used for development and to check LCD API compliance, if not it will consume about 100 bytes of RAM. When deploying a new driver class derived from the LCD API class, remove inheritance from it.


Hi Malpartida,
i found your online shop and it is verywell

i tring to use your library on an ST7032i display, but whit no success.
i read in you documentation that this controller "should" be compatible.

May you help me on it ?

The i2c address respond to 12c_Scanner on 0x3E, i changed it in your temperature demo sketch.
On the ide serial monitor i receive the temperature and the Ram value also (1538), but the lcd are always black, the yellow backlight led are on, the display also i think are on, because it is black (it is a N-negative lcd, the background is black)

I tryed with BoosterON and 2 capacitor, and with booster off (in this case i use +5V on VOut)

this is the lcd, it is very cheap and beauty

Thanks in advance

Arduino Uno
Ide 1.0
- [Guida] IDE - http://goo.gl/ln6glr
- [Lib] ST7032i LCD I2C - http://goo.gl/GNojT6
- [Lib] PCF8574+HD44780 LCD I2C - http://goo.gl/r7CstH


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First of all, thanks for using the library.

Try to shiftright the address when initialising the LCD, i.e. Use address (0x3E >> 1), if I remember corectly, sytronix specifies the address with the read bit included. Have you tried in the arduino SDK to write to the LCD on that address and go an ACK?

If there is no joy, I will take a look at the library and datasheet tomorrow and get back.


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