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@NuElectronics: The lcd.LCD_3310_set_XY has no effect. Can you take a look at your code? Without comments I'm lost

Just for your information. I want to turn on a particular pixel so I can draw without the need of a bitmap


I keep forgetting this thread, but the product looks quite nice, and I have been working on two libraries for the 3310. One is a simple text only one, it can be used exactly like a 16x2 or similar character LCD but with 14x6 characters. The other one is a very heavy one that can do all the things the KS0108 library does and a bit more, like lines, rectangles, ellipses, font upscaling, windowed clearing and inverting, and so on, using about 550 bytes of ram. Also have a python script that makes a header file with an array from a monochrome bitmap. Both libraries can get those bitmaps on the screen although the simple one can't 'edit' them nicely. Anyways, both should be done pretty soon, I just need to get the code cleaned up.


Good man, that would be really helpful.

I was hoping to develop some simple games so I can work on my memory consumption on my own libraries.

I did manage to make some progress on the set_xy. That *actually* means cursor GOTO. I'll post the code later but the location needed a mask on it.

In addition, you need to write a byte to make it display anything. Obviously a byte includes 8 bits which means you have 8 pixels you must also set each time you set your selected pixel.

I'm eager to here from NuElectronics. Turns out he's only around the corner from me based on the return address!


Hi Guy's/Gals I need some help Pleaze. First I'm still learning so bear with me. My end goal is to have the shield display "functions" like a temp reading say from a LM35 but I'm stuck.

The sample code shows how to compile a menu and use  LCD_3310_write_string ,LCD_3310_draw_bmp_pixel etc.

Can some one please explain the charmap sample and LCD_write_byte as per the library. Or maybe guide me to a link were I can learn more.

It would seem that the Nokia_3310_lcd library is more developed, but that just confuse me more as it is written for the color display.

Also the display from this shield is a Nokia 5110 right and not a 3310?



The LCD uses the Philips PCD8544 chip, it is compatible with the 3310 LCD.  Here is a link of the PCD8544 datasheet -
http://www.nxp.com/acrobat/datasheets/PCD8544_1.pdf.   Accessing individual pixel on the LCD is a bit tricky, because the LCD control chip is organized in 84 x 6 bytes (= 84 x 48 pixels).  Therefore a local buffer is needed for pixel read/write, and updating the LCD.   I am in a process of developing the graphic library (most of the code is working).  Will publish the code as soon as I can  ;D

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