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It's a bit overkill for just running a single motor, but useful if you want to drive more stuff.



Yes as I said before you might struggle, the key is getting a rod with a small number of TPI (threads per inch). The CD drive as a very spaced out thread on the spindle. I am not sure where you get these from.


Hello Jim, I sell linear actuators as part of my job , that speed you require is very fast, and you will have a hard time finding anything , you would have to go to a big linear actuator. even then they have a 10% duty cycle, this means you can run it for 10 minutes and then needs a 1 minute rest to cool down.


Ok, maybe I could half the duty cycle by doubling the motors, one moves one way then the other moves it back?

I looked at maybe using a rotating action into the linear but I think that the mechanism would be too big?



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