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oops sorry I should have explained.. Well really it just doesn't work. when i used the default Serial it did light up the LED on pin 13 upon entering the following text
"1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1" followed by Enter. However as soon as i switch the Serial to Serial1. nothing happens. I can enter a million "1 1 1" followed by enter but the LED does not light up. I hope i have explained myself well. if you need any further details please do let me know



Well, the way you set up your code, Messenger processes messages comming in through Serial1. You therefore have to send the messages to Serial1 instead of Serial. What external circuitry are you using to do so?
Thomas Ouellet Fredericks


When i change my code to serial then it uses the on board FTDI chip and it works. however on the other port i have a MAX233 chip which works fine because when I run the monitor I can see what the Arduino Mega is sending out(Serial.println). it just doesn't seem to pick up what I send to it through the serial monitor

I appreciate your assistance.


I am sorry, I still do not understand your configuration.
The Arduino Mega is plugged into your computer's USB (that is Serial).
You have a MAX233 plugged into RX1, TX1 (Serial1). So you generate RS-232 level communication with the chip and that is plugged where? What is connected on the other side of the MAX233?

MAX233 chip which works fine because when I run the monitor I can see what the Arduino Mega is sending out(Serial.println)

Which monitor? The Arduino IDE's? Doesn't it only work with RX,TX and Serial? Do you mean you are echoing something like:
Code: [Select]
So how are you sending data to Serial1?
Thomas Ouellet Fredericks


The second serial port is connected to the Serial port of a Computer. and I am running tera term pro(as a serial monitor). eventually I would like to have Processing(www.processing.org) send out stuff to the Arduino but that would be at a later stage. so for now I have connected Serial1 to the computer via a MAX233 chip. My apologies for not explaining myself well.

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