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I have not found any other seller for Freeduino/Arduino in India. Buying from US/UK is much more expensive because of shipping charges and customs duty imposed by the Indian Govt.

Now it's available at http://www.deccanrobots.com/ListProducts.asp?catID=11&type=Arduino---Freeduino

Also there are couple of others...


An Arduino Projects Kit (and The book: An Arduino Workshop) is available from www.smileymicros.com and Nut&Volts
FREE TUTORIAL: 'Quick Start Guide for Using the WinAVR C Compiler with ATMEL's AVR Butterfly' AVAILABLE AT: http://www.smiley


What else do I need to use the Earthshine kit in the US?


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Since you mention earthshine I'll say that I ordered some kit on 28 May and haven't heard anything since (my paymeny went but my order hasn't been processed).

MC Mike hasn't been online here this month, so I guess he's on holiday or something. It's a relief to see hairlocks had a similar experience, I was getting a little worried at the lack of response.

edit: I've got home to find an email telling me my order has been shipped :)



Check out our kit (no arduino)

and clone board

Let me know of any comments. There is another variant of this coming out soon.

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