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This artcile is about Starter Kits. Do they do Starter Kits?

I just looked, and actually their "kit" consists of only the power supply and cables, so I guess really they don't qualify.


I've seen that company before and they are very expensive.

I found them to have reasonable prices. The Freeduino (Decimilia compatible) USB board from them costs Rs. 1300 (about US$ 26)


I have not found any other seller for Freeduino/Arduino in India. Buying from US/UK is much more expensive because of shipping charges and customs duty imposed by the Indian Govt.


I'm using the projects pack from makershed.com and I'm happy so far.  :)


We have recently launched Basic Component Kit for our arduino/freeduino/sanguino boards. This basic component kit has enough components to get you started on arduino platform and become a pro.

Check out http://www.bhasha.co.cc/product.php?id_product=36

Your comments and feedback are welcome, if you think we need to add any specific components ...do let us know

And quite cheap...around $12....as compared to others...

Sharya :)



Forgive me if I've missed this, but it doesn't look like your kit actually includes an Arduino of any kind. $12 would be an amazing price if it included an official Arduino, or even a free Arduino variant. With the Freeduino you offer, the total would be more around $35.00, still a good deal I think for what your customer is getting. You should offer the components kit with a Arduino Compatible device.



Thanks for your feedback, well actually we are offering multiple variants of Arduino/Freeduino/Sanguino boards with different configurations. Most of our customers are happy to pick the board of their choice whether its Arduino Severino, Lilypad, Freeduino Serial, Freeduino USB, Freeduino Lite or even the powerful Sanguino and then get the Basic Component kit as an add-on accessory. So we have left the choice to the end user. Something like a product configurator, which is working out well.

Plus our recent tie up with Indian Postal Service (SpeedPost) has got down the domestic and international prices by 40% which also works in favour of our customers.

Win-Win situation for everybody :)

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