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Hey everyone,
I am relatively new here, serious n00b, been in the background for a bit.  I happened to have a friend upgrade his Treo 650(x2) as it quit working, the phone part.  The LCD does work and is touch screen to boot.  These are about 2.5in square and have what appear to be a driver board on the back, you can definitely see where the screen and the digitizer are being driven from. Unfortunately the connections are very small.  I have seen other posts related to the use of LCD's from cellphones being used so I thought about giving this a go as well free parts are the best kind !

I am looking for anyone that might have some info / project ideas on how I could go about repurposing the LCD's ?

The info on the LCD's sticker reads as follows:

LTP243QU-E01-00A1  M5126

Research shows to be a Samsung LCD.

There is a datasheet for it here and a pic as well.

Copied a chunk of the data here.
Brief Product Description

LTP243QV-E01 specification
UnitDisplay Siz(Diagonal)2.4inch(3.35cm)-
Display TypeTransflective-
Number ofDots (HxV)240×320dot
Color ArrangementRGB
Stripe-Color Numbers262,144 (6 bits)-
Backlight:25(Typ)288(Tp, IF)



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