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Lee Sylvester

Sparkfun's MP3 breakout is far less functional. I really had to search high and low for a "high quality" and flexible MP3 board for my JukeBox project I'm building. There just aren't that many out there. It was pure luck that this one was already arduino compatible, because I was quite prepared to fashion one into an arduino ready product.


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I never had a problem with that shield - until I tried to use it.  You pay less for more work (and more headaches, and more technical jargon, and so on).  If that turns your crank, go for it.  The adage always holds true: "You get what you pay for".

I'll put forward a challenge to you though.  If you can explain the differences between that board and the Rogue Robotics rMP3 shield, I'll send you a free rMP3 shield.  [Offer only valid for Sannin ;) ]


P.S. I'll steer clear of the fact that they also use Arduino in their product name when it clearly isn't endorsed by the Arduino Team.



sorry if the question is silly...

I am building a small installation where PIR sensor will detect presence and start playback of two audio files simultaneously at two different locations.

If I stack two rMP3 players on top of one arduino board, will both of the players start playback simultaneously when 'play' command is sent through pin 6, or do I need to rewire pins on the second shields and have a second 'play' command sent through the rewired pin.


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