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There's never a silly question.

Actually, that's a clever question.  If you have two rMP3's stacked, using the same serial pins, you could send commands to both of them simultaneously.  Works great (I even tested it out here).  Just don't expect to get any meaningful data back from the rMP3s - they will both be vying for control of the Arduino receive pin.

Here's the code I used:

Code: [Select]
#include <RogueMP3.h>
#include <NewSoftSerial.h>

NewSoftSerial rmp3_s(6, 7);

RogueMP3 rmp3(rmp3_s);

void setup()

void loop()

In theory, you could stack 10 rMP3's up on the Arduino, and send a single command to start them all at the same time.  Have the same named file on each card play a separate instrument track from a symphony, and they would all play together.  Of course, you'd need a 10 channel stereo mixer to mix all the outputs, but that's another story.



Very nice. I like the ease of programming. But don't you think it's too pricy? I mean there's the Arduino MP3 Shield (http://www.micro4you.com/store/Arduino-MP3-Shield/prod_122.html).

This costs only 30 dollars, almost 50 dollars less than the rMP3....


DeadEye - Same issue as Sannin (I guess he/she didn't want a free rMP3).

That board is just an MP3 decoder + SD card socket.  It doesn't do anything.  You still need a controller.

So, $30 for that board, plus $30 for an official Arduino, and you're at $60.  Then you will have to do the interface between the SD card and the MP3 decoder - tying up the Arduino which could be doing a lot of other things.

I'm definitely not putting down that product.  It's great if you want to learn how to use SD cards and the MP3 decoder.  Go nuts if that's what you want.

The rMP3 can run on it's own, or can be controlled by an Arduino (or another microcontroller) with very little interaction.

Bottom line:
You'll need more than just that $30 board to get MP3's playing.  And you may not have much space/time left on your Arduino for anything else.



Oh, sorry didn't notice that. If that's the case then I'm definitely buying this one over the MP3 Shield. Seriously, though, I thought the MP3 Shield didn't need any other parts. If what you say is true then it seems the rMP3 is way better.

Thanks for the explanation.


Can you tell me what are the differences between the uMP3 and rMP3?

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