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The uMP3 has been around since 2003 and is tried, tested and true.  It's original design was intended for OEM integration.  It uses the ATmega32 controller running at 7.3728 MHz.

The rMP3 can also be used for OEM integration, but is also an Arduino compatible shield.  The controller (ATmega644P) is running at 2.5x the speed of the uMP3, enabling more processing in the same amount of time.  The larger flash size on the controller also provides more space for firmware improvements.

They both have the same base function set (playback controls, external triggering, config on card (COC), file access, etc).  You will see more improvements on the rMP3 versus the uMP3 because of the flash constraints.

You can use either with an Arduino (libraries work with both), but the rMP3 can piggy-back directly onto an Arduino:

Lee Sylvester

Have you considered providing a simpler way to reroute the jumpers on the rMP3?  I had a tough time soldering new wires to the jumper pads with my 2.3 mill soldering iron, and would have loved to have simply been able to move a jumper sock, instead... This might not be the best solution, but there must be other methods for providing for this? :)


I had.  The problem becomes: how does one reroute signals?  Do I provide a couple of options?  There currently are no standards for what pins are used by what shields (considering the vast amount of shields around, it might be worth making a list of pins used by them all).

Another shield I had considered making was what I called a "SwitchBoard" (i.e. like the old style telephone switchboards).  You simply use wires to reroute signals (it's all flush or below the female headers).  But I figured that not many people would use it.

I chose to put down some pads.  Unfortunately, I used 0603 pads.  A bit small to work with.  Sorry about that!

The next hardware version will have something easier for rerouting the signals.

Out of curiosity, what pins did you reroute to and why?


Lee Sylvester

I rerouted to 3 and 4, simply because 5 and 6 are used by my LED Keypad shield, which I need for my Jukebox project. When I first looked at rerouting, I was hoping to use the little holes that lead to the pads, by threading a simple tinned wire through each. However, those holes are too small, too... It could have been a nice option, though.


Geez.  I forgot you posted that earlier.

I was thinking of maybe just using some standard holes in place of the pads next time.

Have you got a blog/page for your jukebox? It would be great to see.


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