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Hi bhagman,

what's the difference between this unit and your "µMP3 Playback Module"?.

One's an arduino shield and one's not.  ;)


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I managed to talk all involved to bring the price down on the rMP3!  CAD$59.99 (which is something like USD$58.00 as of 2010/08/10) will get you the rMP3 board without headers, CAD$64.99 gets it with the headers - you need to solder them on.




For us english folk, that's about £37/£40 (without/with headers)

Sounding good. I have a project in mind for another  :)



I've just purchased the rMP3 shield and am having trouble getting it to work with my Arduino. A lot of things work, but not everything. I will give a detailed set of symptoms and hope someone can tell me what is wrong or suggest some way to diagnose the problem.

The example program RogueSD_uMMC works perfectly. (The only change I made to it was to tell it I was using serial pins 6 and 7 as I did not cut traces and put in jumpers yet.) It properly shows the files I have on the SD card.

The example program rMP3_Playback_Example partially works. The only change I made to it was to put in the actual name of my mp3 file. The serial monitor first shows a line with some garbage characters. (I don't know what causes them.) It then rapidly shows lines saying "Stopped vol:  20"). If I send a "k" this number increases. If I send an "i" it decreases. So far, so good. Now, the problem. If I hit "f" the activity light goes on for 7 seconds and the output on the serial monitor stops for that same 7 seconds. The mp3 file is 2 minutes long. I believe the activity light should go on for 2 minutes and the serial monitor should update with the position, sample rate etc. Also, the headphones I connect to the output connector produce no sound.

I've checked that if I purposely miss-spell the mp3 filename that when I type "f" nothing happens. This tells me that my file (when not miss_spelled) is being found. If I use a wav file instead of an mp3 file, then the pause is about the length of the mp3 file, put still no playback information or sound. I tried putting a few simple commands in the setup part of the sketch. I flash the arduino LED, tell a file to play and flash the led some more. From this, it is clear that rmp3.playfile(SONG) call is not returning until the song is totally "played." This is not right, but is consistent with what I saw earlier in the serial monitor.

I checked the firmware version number. It is 10001. From what I can tell on the roguerobotics wiki, the uMP3 has many firmware versions, but the rMP3 only has this one.

Any suggestions?



The rMP3 has had a beta update but it should not affect that functionality.

If you want to try it:

Brett will no doubt see this later but I will have a think about it.


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