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Sorry Julian,

I just realized I have version 0018 on the Windows machine which I reported an incompatibility problem before.  Is there a fix for that or should I try to get a copy of 0017 for the Windows 7 machine?

Also, I changed reference in main.cxx  configMINIMAL_STACK_SIZE to 200.  Is this problem a case of not enough RAM as well?  It does print out a bit and if I move the order of statements in the code, it seems to print up to a point.




Has DuinOS be checked out against the SPI library?


Hi, DuinOS is not currently working with 0018 yet, but there is a fork at


that may be working.

Regarding the SPI, we did not test it specifically, but according to other users, I2C is working, and both are mainly based on the AVR's hardware. The bus which may have problems is the OneWire, which is implemented by software and uses critical delays.

Are you having problems with SPI?




Is this fork going to be the start of your next rev?  Any news on when that will be?


Sorry for the delays, news soon, please be patient. I know, I know it's too much time, but we did not leave DiunOS, is a central part of our Multiplo project (we are launching the first robots locally in exactly five days, so a lot of work rigth now!),



I am very very very new to programming, so forgive me if this is a really dumb question, but in regards to the servo library incompatibility:

can i just alter servo.h and remove timer1 from the available timers for my specific arduino?

again, i apologize if this is a ridiculous question


Does DuinOS still in development?


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First dcahveind's question: hey, don't worry for the question, it's a good question. We just didn't work on the servo compatibility. I think its main problem is the use of the micros() routine, but sincerely, I did not work on the problem yet.

Second, is DuinOS still in development? Well, "yes, but". We have developed a new board based on the 32U4 (the DuinoBot, soon will upload links), and were working on the standard Arduino core for this "native USB" microcontroller (which is a lot of work since there is no FTDI chip, and the core has to integrate the USB firmware too). The good news are that we worked very hard to migrate the LUFA library to the standard Arduino environment v0018, and it's working fine in our first internal tests (at least by now). Will release all these stuff as soon as it reaches at least an alpha state. And yes, we stopped to work in DuinOS by the moment. We want to integrate it with this new core too, and with our new Sanguino based 644/Multiplo.Brain.M644 core ported to the 0018. So, a lot of work, both hardware and software, and little time. Sorry!



Good news. keep the good work!


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DuinOS v0.2 Alpha

What's new: (2010.06.30)
- Arduino updated to version 0018
- FreeRTOS updated to version 6.0.5
- Add new example MoreComplexBlinkingAndSound (Blinks two LEDs and play sound)

Download: http://novell.chel.ru/get.php?file=DuinOS_v0.2_Alpha

MD5: e22213ca659872b64cad11a85ddd22d6 *DuinOS_v0.2_Alpha.rar



Why don't you put up a complete tutorial on this? (perhaps i missed it?)



A tutorial would be nice, I'm not sure how to use it, and I belive others also don't know so they dont toutch it. This have a lot of potencial, but if no one know how to work with it... :S


Sorry, the system did not notify me automatically about your posts, don't know why.

I will look the 0.2 Alpha, thanks CHERTS!

We lack documentation yet, I have taken note of the tutorial thing.



Thanks for version 0.2. The example compiles in Arduino 0018.


Does this new version support the "Wire" library?  Whenever I have the duinOS enabled(on the boards section)  the only value I get from my external device is the max value.

Like...Even if the program isnt using any duinOS features... but is set to compile for the duemilanove w/ an atmega328 +duinOS, it simply fails, but works perfectly without the "+duinOS".

Also, it seems to crash and burn if I put the code below in a critical section:
   Wire.beginTransmission(0x52);// transmit to device 0x52
   Wire.send(0x00);// sends one byte
   Wire.endTransmission();// stop transmitting

I wish I realized it was duinOS's fault and not my code 6 hours ago...

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