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Why don't you put up a complete tutorial on this? (perhaps i missed it?)

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A tutorial would be nice, I'm not sure how to use it, and I belive others also don't know so they dont toutch it. This have a lot of potencial, but if no one know how to work with it... :S


Sorry, the system did not notify me automatically about your posts, don't know why.

I will look the 0.2 Alpha, thanks CHERTS!

We lack documentation yet, I have taken note of the tutorial thing.



Thanks for version 0.2. The example compiles in Arduino 0018.


Does this new version support the "Wire" library?  Whenever I have the duinOS enabled(on the boards section)  the only value I get from my external device is the max value.

Like...Even if the program isnt using any duinOS features... but is set to compile for the duemilanove w/ an atmega328 +duinOS, it simply fails, but works perfectly without the "+duinOS".

Also, it seems to crash and burn if I put the code below in a critical section:
   Wire.beginTransmission(0x52);// transmit to device 0x52
   Wire.send(0x00);// sends one byte
   Wire.endTransmission();// stop transmitting

I wish I realized it was duinOS's fault and not my code 6 hours ago...

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