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I'm happy to provide with some webspace for the download on a personal hosting, I'll contact you via PM.




I think that I will contact Julian DA SILVA to allow me to commit my changes at http://code.google.com/p/duinos/.

It will be more useful for all community (get source code and show diff changes, download the latest release for the users).  


Sorry, I did not see the replies before.

Of course, please feel free to commit to the Google Code repository. We have created that this year but did not announced it yet.

Regarding the mprintf, please check my previous question to Paula and her kindly answer in entries 5, 6 and 7 of this blog:


We are cooking new software (don't say nothing yet, it's a graphical programming environment, but shhh) to be released as soon as possible, so DuinOS were not receiving our full attention. I'm really happy that you have ported it to the 0021 and the new FreeRTOS core.

By other hand, we were working along the 2010 on a lot of things, and one of them is testing core that we called the 0Warning Experimental Arduino Core, or just the 0W.  It's here:


We just implemented it with the 0019 version, but it's quiet easy to do the same job for the 0021 version. We have no time now, but were planing to integrate the DuinOS Core with this. It's NOT TESTED AT ALL, but when compiled with Code::Blocks, it has 0 warnings, against the 42 warnings from the original 0019 version (we don't know if the 0021 has some of them, because did not check it).

But for DuinOS v0.4 it will be nice to have it 0W too! Don't you think?

Oh, something I was forgetting. If someone is interested, please find with the 0W core, the following files:


Those add the new() and delete() operators, (with very common and well known iplementations) and the function that allows to have virtual pure destructors.

I'm happy to of having feedback again!

Kind regards, and thanks for all your work!


To DuinOS users,

I have updated DuinOS source code for DuinOS 0.3 release in the next weeks (maybe before christmas 2010, I don't know) .
You can get it by svn here

We need someone who has an Arduino Mega2560 for testing.  

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