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By the way, why on earth is the I parameter equal to the reciprocal of the gain as it appears in the PID algorithm?

sorry for the confusion.  there's various forms of the pid equation.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller scroll down to "Alternative nomenclature and PID forms")

they're mathematically equivalent, but the one listed as the "standard form" is the one i chose.  it's a little more work on the backend as you mentioned, but I find it easier to tune.  if you know the time constant of the process, you just make that the I term, then adjust P to get more aggressive or conservative)


Brett, ZeroVector ... You  guys rock!

ZV, The Timer Library you used was the answer I'd been searching for.   I had no clue about it and it allowed me to have much better control over my Kiln temperature with correct PWM output settings.

I use an SSR to control a 2000 Degree F, 20 Amp Kiln.  I have now been able to reach my goal of 1290F and was hovering between +/- 6 degrees with minimal overshoot.  I was thrilled!


Thanks!that is i 'm looking for.


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