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Hi, well, the title say all. I´m trying to do an A/D converter, but i want that the digital conversion be in the digitals pins 2 to 11 in the binary form

For example the minor value 0 is showed in these array of pins

if is the max value (1023) is showed


i know that the analog pins read 0 to 5V and the max value is 1023=5V

The case is, I want the analog reading be displayed in binary form in an array of 10-bit in the digital pins

any suggestion??????

PD: sorry for my bad english.... :P


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just some pseudo for you:

if analogue value is above 1000000000:
  minus 1000000000 and turn on pin 11...

if analogue value is above 0100000000:
  minus 0100000000 and turn on pin 10...

... ect


Or to go backwards of that logic (assuming low bit first on pin 2 and high bit on pin 11)

for (int i=0, i<10, i++)
digitalWrite(i+2, analog_value & 1);   //bitwise and to 1 so we only take the lowest bit
analog_value = analog_value >> 1;    //shift it one to the right to put the next bit in the low bit.

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well, maybe i did´n explain very well

i know the A/D of the arduino converts 0 to 5V  in the range 0-1023, were 1023 is the max value...

or 4.88 mV for each value of convertion  (1024x0.00488=5V aprox)

if i have 3.5V in the analog input.... 3.5/4.88mV=717.21....

internally in the A/D i have 717.21...or 717....and i want show  this value in an array...


internally in the A/D i have 717.21...or 717

You have 717 internally.

It is still not clear what you mean by
i want show  this value in an array.

An array of what? Do you mean display? The answers given match the question asked.


Aug 23, 2011, 06:21 am Last Edit: Aug 23, 2011, 08:32 am by retrolefty Reason: 1
and i want show  this value in an array...

i want that the digital conversion be in the digital pins 2 to 11 in the binary form

What you wish to do is not hard.

Read the analog pin into a variable, then test each bit value of value and turn on or off the digital pin associated with that bit:

Code: [Select]
int value = analogRead(A0);
        for (int i=0; i <= 9; i++)
           if (bitRead(value,i))


Be sure to use current limiting series resistors with each of the LEDs.



I did some thing almost exactly the same as this a while back. The only difference was that I divided it by 4 and then wrote its value to 8 LEDs. It was pretty cool actually. But the bitRead function is the way to go for sure

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