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Hi all!

I'm planning to build a remote monitoring system using arduino and some GPRS "solution".
It would measure windspeed and voltage. I've been searching the solutions for a while, found some promising:


I'd like to find the cheapest solution so I do not want to hold onto the GRPS shield.

What the monitor system has to do is staying online all day and send some bytes to a central server.

What do you think, which way should I start?

Thank you all!


"Where are you?  (complete the user profile and at least tell us what country you are in)"

Sorry, I'm from Hungary

"Is cell service even available at the location(s?)"

Yes, cell service is avaible almost everywhere in my country.

"Is this location(s?) "off the grid"?"

Yes, it is a weekend house in the middle of nothing, with no water, no electricity.

"How far away is it?  Line of sight?"

60km from me. That is why I though the internet as a solution.

"Are other solutions available (APRS, etc.)?"

I don't think so, but I'd like to solve this challenge with arduino :)

Any comments are welcome


Thank You your advice!
It is a real possibility. I will read about it more.

First of all I'd like to solve the question with internet because of the low price of the internet shield/old telephone.
(The costs of the cell service here is not too high if you buy just 100MB data you have to pay 5$.)

So I'm looking forward a device/solution (shield or old telephone) that can be online all day and send small data packs.

:) Thank you again!


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Just let u know I am interested in this  also
KE7GKP- If I want to know what APRS nodes are available in Mackay ,Queensland ,Australia I just change to Mackay and the rectangular blocks are nodes available ,these being radio stations on ships I presume. Is that how it works ?


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Well it all sounds rosey ,    but I use linux and I find the only info I can get on this APRS system dates back to 2004

The web download sites aren't even working anymore.

So next question , what are you using , Windows?

Where are you getting your program from ? and what radio do you transmit on ?
Do you have a ham radio licence - 
I guess so to see your posts -but when recommending this system you should make it clear that people need a Tranceiver which is a pretty costly piece of gear , they need a power supply and an antenna . Not trifling matters

So after spending say $2000 then all they need do is organise a quck ham licence and they are good to go , right !


Well you don't answer the operating system question.

The site you give seems to be $200 plus postage and up for each module ,more when you put it all together and you have to be a ham already to make it sensible.

I repeat , there is little to no support for Linux that I have found .
The modules needed are expensive but there is no monthly fee.

What I am looking at is  an arduino board and chip  $8 , an ethernet shield $20 , a USB to ethernet server at $39 atm and a monthly rental of $15 for the USB 3G modem to send to my mobile phone. So $70 all up electronics or cheaper for each node plus a monthly rental to send an sms or email to my phone anytime.

Now GPS is a different matter and requires another shield   

I certainly would like to now more about ARPS if you will give it . Especially current programs that you run so I can understand this better


Well that was a pretty quick response
Don't get on your high horse
You are the one trying to sell this


Not much information being given as I see it .
How come you won't tell us what software you are using?
When you plug into your radio what software do you use ?
You are pushing the idea that this will suit but not willing to explain how.
You are the rude one telling me I don't know how to Google or Wiki
You have posted what you say is a viable solution but you can't or won't back it up with info when asked. Rather you take to insults to hide that fact


Hi all again!

I've read much about APRS, talked to a "professional" radio amateur about it. It is very promising.
As I see there is a technical side of the using APRS and a law side. As you pass the ham exam you can use your device (what you made or bought dosen't matters). The device has to be registered somewhere (I haven't figured out yet where) to be able see on online maps like aprs.fi.

The guy I was talked to about the usage of APRS told me that the radio amaterurs don't like if someone use this networt to commercial usage. So If I want to monitor 5 or more windturbine with this system the forbid to you their digipeter. It is interesting because I see many commercial ships on the online map ... hmm.

One license one radio: He told me that if you pass ham exam you will be allowed to use just one radio, so If you like to monitor more than one thing in one time with APRS, it won't be an option. (I think these things are different in different countries)

Technical side: As I see I need a GPS device, and arduino, and a device (TNC?) that converts the gps text to "audio noise" like the old modem's.

KE7GKP! - please make it clear for me if I write something stupid.

I'll read more about APRS, but I'm affraid I have to stay with GPRS shield. I found the cheapest here: http://iteadstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=413

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