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At my school we have a ton of old Oki Midrodrive (192 plus) printers.

These are printers that using folded sheets, and is ideal for logging, debugging etc.
The printer are using the old parallel printer interface, shown below, but I have a cable tat converts into 25 pin parallel cable.

I've heard that these printers are easy to interface with, but I havn't found anything on the internet yet.
If I cound interface with one of these, and since we have an infinite amount of printers and papers, I could place a printer like this anywhere!

What do you guys think? Is it possible?


These are cartridge printers. Do you also have a infinite supply of cartridges?

As these are old printers the documentation that comes with it may contain a protocol description.

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I also found this

I guess the IBM printer driver protocol is pretty much described and available.

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Actually I found out that this printer communicates the same way as any other parallel printer!
I found some arduino code that made me write text to the printer! Awesome!


Could you share the code/link ?
With people almost paying  to get rid of their "stoneage"-printers,  it may be interesting for others as well.


See attachment for a first version of a lib for a generic parallel printer.
You could derive a specific class of course,

see also - http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=190948.0 -
Rob Tillaart

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Thank you, I hadn't noticed the new thread yet.


I've got some requests about this code, so here it is, the ASCII printer code!


Those old Oki's are the battle horses of the dot-matrix world. I know a number of auto part shops that still use them (multiform receipts) and reliable. To re-ink we just bought a bottle of stamp pad ink and re inked the ribbon. It is a loop setup and if you get the stamp pad ink that has a brush, just open the cartridge dab it around.

Those old parallel printers can also be converted to serial. Orange Micro once sold all type of adapters to convert to serial. with a serial interface you can then run long feeds using Ethernet cable. There were so many generic knock-offs of those serial converter boards that even the design and construction must be out on the web. The data protocols should also  be easy to find. Many, many units were built.
Typically they all used a variation of the Epson FX or MX dot matrix protocols. Epson may still have in their archives the detailed protocol. If not, email a tech guy there. Who knows you might make a friend what would be delighted to help you

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