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Hey guys!

I'm playing with an Arduino pressure sensor, and what I'm trying to do is make a video play when someone squeeze's the sensor (which will be attached to a hand), the idea being the viewer must hold hands with someone for the video to play, and will pause if they remove their hand.

I'm pretty aware that Flash is the best approach for coding a video to play and pause, my question however would be....could someone suggest a working code to make it happen? Play on pressure, pause without?

Thank you kindly in advance


You're missing the bit where you tell us all about the sensor you're going to use.
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I'm pretty aware that Flash is the best approach for coding a video to play and pause

Processing is pretty good at it, too. And much easier to communicate with the Arduino.

In fact, you could load the standard Firmata sketch on the Arduino, and let Processing periodically query the sensor pin itself.

could someone suggest a working code to make it happen?


Code for what? The Arduino? Processing? Flash?
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Code for what? The Arduino? Processing? Flash?

Flash yes, to make it play the video when pressure is applied to the sensor, or pause when pressure is removed.


(even if this isn't a flash developer forum  :) )

you can use FLVPlayback object:

which has methods to play() and pause() the movie... you can program a function to receive sensor status from Arduino and call thouse methods.

I don't know if Flash is able to "talk" with Arduino using serial port... a quick search with Google seems to indicate it requires an external component (Zinc, http://www.multidmedia.com/).



I found this great information page:

you can use a serial-to-LAN proxy to send Arduino messages to your Flash app... and it works fine in both directions...
for example give a look to this project:


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