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I've been messing around with the arduino for some home automation etc,

but now I want to push it 1 step further,
I'd like to do the following

- get an arduino with wifi compatibility (any suggestions on shields / complete packs like Diamondback)
- use the arduino to host a page with some buttons,that control the my relay board.

-> the arduino will be placed in my car so there is no accespoint, the arduino has to act as a server.

-> acces the webpage on the arduino via wifi (some kind of ad hoc then?)

in short

arduino wifiwebserver that controls relays and gets its input trough f.e a smarthphone

any hints on hardware are welcom!


A WiFi shield allows the Arduino to connect to a wireless access point. No access point == useless piece of computer hardware.
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You might check the below project.

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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So id have to use tethering functions of my phone for ease of use


If you use a Wifly shield, it can set up an ad-hoc network that you could connect to directly using your iphone or whatever, without having to have an existing wifi network in range.
I'm working on something like this at the moment, so that I can control my lawnmower from my ipod...

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