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Hi!! I need to program a 3rd degree velocity profile so i can move a DC motor, which should reach its maximum velocity in 2 seconds. The thing is that I have no idea on how to do that... My first guess is to program the profile directly into the arduino and then conect my outputs to a DAC and then to the motor... but how do i program a profile??  :smiley-sad-blue:


If you can program the profile as a function from milliseconds to output duty-cycle, you'll be halfway there...
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I need to program a 3rd degree velocity profile so i can move a DC motor,

That sounds very specific, is it an assignment question?

A lot depends on the step response of the motor. Then you need to integrate that into the control you can generate.
In effect you produce a profile which applies power to the motor in a step wise manner. This is either in terms of supplying it with a varying voltage or a varying PWM signal and changing that signal over the time of the profile. The more parts you split up this profile into the closer will be your control.
It is a long time since I did servo control and it wasn't called a 3rd degree velocity profile in my day but I suspect that this is the critical damped state.


3rd degree velocity profile

Hi teddybear

This site may help about smoothstep

It mentions 3rd power, which maybe what you are looking for?

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