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I love that you guys took this and ran to the logical, explosive conclusion. I am proud of you gentlemen! Hahaha

cr0sh, I love your ideas involving nichrome wire and steel wool, they sound right for this situation. I am actually lighting off paper lanterns and trying to automate the whole process....it is proving to be difficult, but will be worth it hopefully! Thanks for all your help.


I used the first approach mentioned by Chagrin, a  bit over 40 years ago - a single copper strand from a fine-stranded lamp cord wrapped around a match head and candle wick; on either side of the candle were two clips for holding the copper strand (this could be reloaded), wired to 120v and a concealed switch on the other side of the room.  (Hey, computers were housed in big air conditioned raised-floor rooms in those days, not thumbnail sized).  I could wave towards the candle across the room and press the hidden switch with my other hand, and pfft the candle would light.  The candle in this case was stubby and in a holder, so the clips holding the strand were not visible unless you got close and looked into it, mostly you just saw the flame.

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