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Hi all...

I have built a simple web server that takes inputs form various sensors and then logs that data on to SD card - nothing new or clever here.  I then post these to the web by using a template file from the SD card and replacing key words with this processed data.  All works well on the LAN, very fast and no issues.  However when accessing from outside the LAN, the page only fully loads one time in 5 or so.  The connection works (i.e. I am getting some of the html page), but not all of it, and it takes a long time (several seconds) to get the page!  I am using a MEGA 2560 and the new Ethernet card with the standard libraries etc.  Am confused!

The server code is a copy of the Ladyada example, tweaked a little to use the template file on the SD card.


Thanks for your quick response.  I agree that it could (and probably is) due to external influences, but is there something I can do to 'work around' this in the way that the data is served - i.e. should I do it 'slower', less of it (i.e. is there a limit that the Ethernet card can handle - currently page is about 5k as a text file) etc.  I have read on one forum that there is an ACK returned for each data byte sent - is this slowing the process down, how do I limit this?  Does the Ethernet2 library help (I have had a play but couldn't get it to work and wanted to gauge opinion before I spent anymore time on that aspect).


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