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I dont know how to set this up....
I have no other controller or board just 4 flying leads...... configured as shown in pic

I've looked at the servo library to try and work this out but that works differently so maybe this isn't a standard RC servo?

is there any other library/reference or term I should be looking for?

if not, i know i can analyze the  pots input which equals motor position, and therefore  program the motor to turn until it reaches a different new position using analog read, variables, boolean and loops, was just trying to avoid starting from scratch!

thanks for any help


That servo is missing the control board that accepts pulses, detects the servo position and drives the motor. So no, you can't use it with the servo library. You can drive the motor with an H-bridge and sense the pot with an analog input (you may need to add a third wire to the pot).

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