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Author Topic: motorized sliders as linear actuator  (Read 1164 times)
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Hi all, some of you have never used a linear actuator with Arduino like this?
Could you give me some sketches an example on how to control it?

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I understand that using those sliders as linear actuators would wear them out quickly. IIRC they are only rated for 30,000 cycles.

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From the data sheet:

"Test conditions
The moving contact , without electrical load , shall be slided form one end stop to the other end returned to its original position extend over 90% or more effective distance .
Slide speed : 600 cycle / hour .
Total cycles : 30,000 cycles ."

So if moved end to end 10 times a minute for 50 hours staight you might notice it not working as well. smiley-cool

1. Change in total resistance is relative to the value before test ±15% .
2. Noise : 150mV MAX
3. Clause (3 i.e. Electrical characteristics) (4 i.e Mechanical characteristics) shall be satisfied ."

Good info regarding what is generally called Stall current:
"Maximum current: 400〜800mA
Lock the shaft of the motor and the rated voltage shall be applied to the motor."

Basic control:
You'll need a 10V, 1A power source, controlled via transistor or relay, to move the motor.
You put 5V on the potentiometer terminal 1, pin 3 to ground, pin 2 to your analog input.
The voltage on 2 will correspond to the actuators location.

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