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I have written a simple library (my first) to work with a set of LED matrices. The library utilizes TimerOne, and I'm having some problems importing the TimerOne library within mine...

Here is a snippet from my libary:
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#include "LEDMatrix.h"
#include <TimerOne.h>

LEDMatrix_Class LEDMatrix;

void LEDMatrix_Class::init(unsigned int latchPin, unsigned int clockPin, unsigned int dataPin) {
  _latchPin = latchPin;
  _clockPin = clockPin;
  _dataPin = dataPin;
  pinMode(_dataPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(_clockPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(_latchPin, OUTPUT);

The error I'm getting is: TimerOne.h: No such file or directory. I know that the TimerOne library is in the right spot because the code worked before I decided to make a library out of it. Can't seem to figure out where I'm going wrong. Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi Nick,

I had the same problem... you have to use relative (or absolute) paths to .h file and include the library also in your sketch:


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