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Hello everybody, I am a beginner with the arduino and microprocessors (just got it today) and I was wondering how I could connect my arduino with a TRS quarter inch output Jack so it will play the sounds I instruct it to. You probably have guess I'm trying to play music with this device. Please help and keep in mind that I have virtually no experience with these things. Thanks in advance!


If you want reasonable quality audio, then you could connect a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) to the SPI pins of the Arduino, and send data to that. You'd need to write code to synthesise the audio, or play back a sample. The MCP4822 is a dual 12-bit DAC with built-in voltage reference, which you can connect to an amplifier via your jack plug.


The TRS jack would be connected either a speaker or an amplifier, so I'm looking for a mono signal. Can the arduino generate ready to be amplified notes on its own or do I need something else like a midi device to create these notes?


Thank you very much for your posts, you guys have been very helpful!


Not at all recommended for a beginner, but it is possible using only a capacitor and a resistor to get nicer sounding tones than a crude square wave.  (even short sound samples
I used this technique for my 8 bit MIDI synth, made from Arduino.

Here's a bit of a song made with the synth:

Here's a topic about this project (still a work-in-progress):

Just as an example of what can be done with arduino and little other hardware.

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