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Do you know are there any stripboard variants that can handle high currents/voltages, such as 15A/24V? The strips could be thicker/wider, the track pitch 0.2" instead of the regular 0.1" etc.


I have come across 0.2" strip board before, but that won't handle 15A. That is a lot of current, if you want to use that with strip board then you are best running pieces of 22 SWG tinned copper wire along the tracks that carry heavy current.
That is what I did when I made my CNC controller, although current was more in the 5A region.


Pretty impressive that CNC miller of yours. You probably use it to carve PCBs?

Speaking of PCBs, can you tell are there any rules of thumb/formulas/charts to calculate how thick/wide strips must be on home made PCBs in order to handle higher currents/voltages, e.g., 24V/15A?



"Trace width calculator" will return plenty of results.

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