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This is probably really stupid for me to think, and I'll prob be really embarrassed later on as I learn more ... But getting OSC out of Arduino wouldn't be as simple as doing a Serial.write(str) function to a Lantronix MatchPort set to the IP and Port of an OSC host and the Serial.write string argument being the OSC address and associated value [i.e. string = "/this/osc/address value"] - would it?

Like I said, my thinking is prob. pretty stupid and likely doesn't work that way - especially given how much Wifi OSC talk there is without any real solution. "It doesn't work that way seems to be about 90% of what I'm thinking when I attempt this kind of stuff. If this isn't the case - which I am sure it just couldn't be - how might something like Lantronix bridges be implemented with OSC output?

ETA: Furthermore I just read this:

"Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridging
With a separate Ethernet port, MatchPort b/g offers the unique ability to transparently bridge existing Ethernet-ready devices to a wireless network"

If Serial.write() wouldn't work, could just bridge an Ethernet shield and use ArdOSC?

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