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At a bit of a loss regarding component selection attempting to build sample circuit using DS2762 datasheet.  Two components are (to me at least) vaguely specified in the sample circuit; they are described as:

"external P-channel high-side discharge protection FET" and "external P-channel high-side
charge protection FET".

The circuit in question is a battery monitoring circuit using the Maxim DS2762.  The overall design is a 3.3v ATtiny2313 design powered by a LiR2450 rechargeable lithium-ion coin cell.

I'd like to learn a bit more about the appropriate FET to use in this sample - does anyone have any suggestions?


No ideas. Nothing in data sheet or application notes that I can see.
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No ideas. Nothing in data sheet or application notes that I can see.

It was a bit vague in the data sheet, wasn't it.  I was hoping I was missing something...


It appears that the logic high for the CC MOSFET is Vpls (the  batterys positive voltage), while it is Vdd (the supply voltage) for the DC MOSFET. I would think that, because there are no further specifications about the MOSFET any logic level P channel mosfet that fits the appropriate voltage ratings would work fine.

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