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Can anyone tell me the commands (instructions) to use with music shield to play a file with arduino Uno? I was looking in the page of Music shield and I don't find any sample code to play, stop, etc to control this shield with Arduino.
Can you help me please?

thank you


Can you provide a link to the shield please,
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I think it's music shield
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did you read the VS1053B datasheet completely (READ IT!!!)? do you understand how it fundamentally works yet?

There are only a few basic things you need to do:

1. initialize the VS1053 properly, I remember it being two register that you have to setup, one of them has all the important settings, the other one sets the oscillator frequency

2. you probably want a volume up/down function, this is just writing to the volume register

3. send music data to the SDI interface in chunks when requested to

first, start off by making sure you can communicate to it via SPI properly over its SCI interface, basically, test that you can successfully write to and read from the VS1053B's internal registers

do a sine test, see datasheet to find out how

then, understand how the SDI interface works, know how much data to send per chunk and know when to stop sending data (learn about the DREQ signal)

figure out where your music data is coming from, this is most likely a SD card, which uses SPI to communicate, and store data in a FAT file system. find a library that handles this.

basically, you read a chunk of data from a file on the card, and pass that chunk to the VS1053's SDI when requested, music will play. if you stop sending data, the music stops. you rewind/fast-forward by sending different parts of your file

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