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I'm working on an Arduino project for an LED textile concept. I can compensate financially.

Please contact if interested.


One more thing, I'm located in Atlanta.  Being local would help, but not mandatory.


More details about the project might generate more interest. Are you trying to control 2 LEDs or 200 LEDs? Plain LEDs or RGB LEDs? Individual control or in groups?

What other factors are involved? Wireless? Low power? Interface with PC or standalone?

Audio input?


I am making suits of LEDs.  Each suit will have 200 RGB LEDs. The suits will be worn by members in a band.  They will have to be controlled wirelessly, and each performers will wear a battery pack.  The control will he with a PC.

Hope that helps.


Need more details of how the LEDs are to lit up. Individually? All colors controlled at once? In groups somehow?
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