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I have a 2inch color LCD from my old not working MP3 player and i wanted to display some text on it using arduino mega2560.
It has 36 pins of which 16 pins are for data bus.

Is there any way i can interface it with my arduino mega2560? if yes, how?  :)
I know how to interface and program alphanumeric lcd displays but not color LCDs.
If you guys have any tutorial about interfacing color LCD with arduino, I would be greatfull if u share it with me. Thanks

here is a link for its diagram


Yes it's possible. The driver is the SPFD54126B. Google will find you the datasheet. You'll need to implement the control signals for the 8080 (lots of pins, fast) or SPI (few pins, slow) interface. When you've done that you'll need to implement the commands that control the display and transfer data.

Alternatively, the interface is likely to be very close to one of the better known drivers, e.g. ILI9320/9325 etc. You could find some code for one of those and use that as your starting point. Either way, you are going to become very familiar with the datasheet if you take this on :)


thank u Andy Brown, it seems i have to do a lot of work  :~


I don't know from where to start :smiley-sad-blue: , can u plz provide me an example code on how to initialize it and a code for write instruction?

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