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i'm trying to control a led strip with LPD6803 chip for each segment.
I attached a picture of the strip.
i used some of the examples :
but nothing happens.
the pde file is uploaded correctly, but there is no light...  nothing ...
i've connected the strip's pins that way :
Li - to 12V
Ci - to arduino data pin
St - to arduino clock pin
Di - to arduino ground

any idea ?

can someone please add a reference to a detailed sketch and wiring instructions ?



im no expert on these things but just googling the LED Stip you have

LPD6803 led strip

99% of poeple using it are running it from 5v which seems to be its maxium voltage, i might be wrong or it might be a completely different stip to the one you pictured. however if this is the case that the strip can only take 5v you proberbly would have cooked that strip.

half way down this web page it talks about using an arduino to interface an LED Strip and how to power it, perhaps this might help.



I know this is an old topic, but just in case this is still an issue. I think your Di and Li are swapped.

Check this : http://interface.khm.de/index.php/lab-log/digital-addressable-led-strip-arduino/

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