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Hi, I've been working on a project for a replica-imitations-improvised-explosive-device (R.I.I.E.D) for airsoft.  I had everything perfect, 2x arduino nano 3.0's working perfectly together. I decided that because this is for airsoft to use a airsoft battery pack. I soldered up the appropriated mini airsoft battery connectors and wired the power to the 2x arduino nano's in parallel.  After about 10 seconds a smelt burning and some a little smoke. The battery pack is a Ni-MH 9.6v 1600mAh. Everything still works fine when i connect the arduino's via USB. Any suggestions to weather the battery caused it or if is was just a short somewhere among the jungle of circuits?


Can you differntiate what burned? One of the boards, the battery?
What pins did you connect the battery pack to?
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If he can still run it via USB it sounds like he smoked the regulator.

The Nano is spec'd for 6-20V input (7-12V recommended), so the battery itself was not the problem. The UA78M05 regulator is rated for 500ma and has thermal overload protection so it does sound like you wired something up wrong.

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