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Hi. I got this idea off Kite Aerial Photography (KAP), but instead of using an actual digital camera, I was thinking of mounting a USB webcam and have it feed back real time video feed using bluetooth to my laptop. There will also be 2 servos for the pan/tilt of the camera rig, which I'm planning to control by hacking a PS3 SixAxis controller to send signals via bluetooth to the arduino as well. I am planning to use Arduino UNO as a platform to perform these functions. However, I've read that Arduino does not have the capabilities to project live video feed.

- Is there any way to modify a Arduino to achieve live video feed?
- Is it possible for Arduino to act as a host to multiple USB devices (webcam + bluetooth dongle)? Maybe connecting several USB shields to 1 board?
- Is it possible to achieve full duplex communication (transmitting live video feed + receiving PS3 controller signals at the same time) through 1 bluetooth dongle on the Arduino?
- Is there a way I can trigger the webcam through software/hardware to capture an image?


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