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Hello Everyone,

I am looking to create a project where I can transmit video to a server running on the same network as part of a larger project.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what camera I can interface to and any additional hardware needed?

My biggest concern right now involve the camera and transmitting the signal through wifi.
My concern is that the arduino doesn't have enough bandwidth to have video data pass through it.



You will find that Arduino does not have enough memory for this type of application.

It may be possible to use one of the cameras that has built-in JPEG compression, and relay the data from the camera over a WIZNET ethernet link a few hundred bytes at a time.  But if your vision is that Arduino should overlay data on video frames or convert frames from a raw camera format to something else -- forget it.

I would recommend getting a purpose built "IP camera".


I merely need the raw video data to be transmitted wirelessly.
I don't need the arduino to process the data from the camera.

I do plan on using the arduino to control when the camera is on/off and when to transmit the data.


I don't need the arduino to process the data from the camera.

Something like this may suit: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10061

You are depending on the camera being able to read out the image data slowly enough for your Arduino to buffer and retransmit a bit at a time.  With many of these types of cameras you have to read out the image at the rate the camera feeds it, and if that's too fast for you to keep up with, you are stuck.

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