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I'm looking for a 3 pin oscillator to use with a bare ATMega328 and I'm a bit stuck.
I'm looking at resonators as many have built-in capacitance and I'm a bit stumped.

I'm finding many that are rated well above 100V and many that aren't even listed for voltage, then I'm finding users who reported using ones with 5pf capacitance while the arduino uses 22pf.  I'm also found a few with 30pf capacitance and have no idea if they would work.

I understand I may be diving in too deep, but I'd like some guidance and most of all to learn more about such.
I'd appreciate help finding some cheap oscillators, but even more so appreciate help understanding what it is I need and why it would work for the application.




Also, this is about how far I got:


I'm looking for a 3 pin oscillator

Do you mean you are looking for a 3 terminal ceramic RESONATOR, with I assume rated at 16MHz?
Oscillator is a word for a more complete circuit which includes a ceramic resonator or crystal resonator and an amplifier with feedback circuitry. The 328p internals provides the amplifier part.

Most any 3 terminal ceramic resonator will include the padding capacitors internal to the package. The two terminal varity will not. The center terminal wires to ground and the outer two terminals wire to the 328 clock pins, either end terminals to either pins.

This one will work fine: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9420



Thank you for helping me out, I came to realize this is the exact same product as you listed:


I got these identical parts:

I wish I knew mouser has it for half the price.
Replying to keep this thread on my list :P
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