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This is not quite something I have made with the Arduino, but I hope close enough.  Many of my projects are hybrids with a PC component and a microcontroller component, communicating all the time.  For example the PC may support display or grahping for the microcontroller.  I have a program ( actually a series of them ) for talking, either in some cases to any mc, or in particular the BitWacker that I think might be of interest.  It is in Java and should run on any platform ( but I only have xp and 98 )  I am getting an Arduino and may try something specific to it, within the framework that I have it should not be too hard.  I am also looking for beta testers who ideally have a bit of understanding of Java.  For more info see http://www.opencircuits.com/BitWacker_Java_Communications  You can also of course reply here.

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