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OK, so I got carried away with this.  I needed a timer that could turn a device on for a few minutes a day.  This is for an acid injector to pump 30% HCl into my pool to offset its tendency to go alkaline over time.  The pump is capable of shoving a lot of acid in, so short intervals are necessary; on the order of 10 minutes or so a day.  Maybe even dropping to every other day in the winter.  The timers out there just won't do something like this.  I also have thoughts of measuring the volume of acid remaining in the storage bucket and maybe, when I have gathered enough information, only adding acid when a PH reading tells the timer to do it.  So, I got an Ardweeny, an XBee, a wall wart and some other stuff and away I went.

The XBee listens to my home network and grabs the time from it so the device knows what day and time it is; that way I can tell it to start dumping acid at 0800 and stop at 0810 every day, every other day, once a week or anything else I want to.  I still haven't figured out the best way to measure the acid level in the bucket and have just started learning about measuring PH, but it's coming along.  And, I have real estate to spare for additions.

I went with an Ardweeny because I was too lazy to just build my own processor arrangement.  I took the wall wart apart and just used the power supply because I wanted everything in one box and the entire wall wart wouldn't fit.  The XBee is mounted on an Adafruit adapter because I like the way they work and they already have a power regulator on them.  I mounted the Ardweeny and XBee on sockets so I can take them out for reprogramming and in case they fail for some reason.  The entire thing fits in a waterproof duplex (US) wall outlet box made of plastic so the XBee can get a good signal.  Here is a picture of the device mounted on the fence.

Automation is my way of having time to set in my recliner.


Lookin good. Hope you document everything well for when you sell the house to some poor guy that has to deal with your 'creation' after you move on up.



That actually is a serious concern.  What with an XBee network that has the state of various devices flying around and little devices all over the place controlling lights, heat pumps, water heaters and such anyone moving in without a month or two of training would be totally lost.

And it's only going to get worse..... ]:D

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