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Ok, so i want to build a glove with force sensitive resistors, a music shield http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10587, and an arduino. So the glove will go on your hand and have five force sensitive resistors in each finger what i wan it to do is when i press a finger to a hard surface i want to hear a percussion sound. So please help. :)


So please help

You seem to know what you want so what help do you need.
You will have to be a lot more specific than that if you want help.

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It would probably be better to use piezo transducers on the fingers as you will have better sensitivity.


Thanks for the help but i could really use help with the code


Ok, regardless of piezo's or FSR's your code could be the following:

1. you will need to set up a timer (most likely timer2) that triggers an interrupt to sample the analogue pins regularly.
2.the piezo's or FSR's will produce a signal which you can sample, you then need the software to determine when a finger has been struck (so the ADC level is above a certain threshold), and to determine the intensity (detect the peak)
3. This will then trigger a sound to be played via the correct serial commands.  Let's say you assign a different midi sound to each finger (ie a different drum), when a trigger is detected on a finger then the corresponding instrument is played with the detected intensity.

as for actually writing the code, well, all of these things are pretty standard, people have written arduino based drum machines.  So I suggest you do some intelligent googling and look for useful snippets of code.  You might even get lucky and find that someone has pretty much already done what you want to do, so you only need to make minimal changes.

p.s. check out instructables.com, they have several drum-glove projects


but i could really use help with the code

You haven't posted any code.
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