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This is my first Arduino project... I was going to wait until I was finished to post, but I'm too happy with how it's coming out to wait.

It interfaces with a 1940s radio I gutted and digetized.  I am animating the entire 19 minute Tiki Room show... so far I've got 15 minutes done and it is around 1800 lines of code.  I've got 4 servos running, X10 interface, and 3 different sets of PWM controlled LEDs.

I will upload the whole video when it's done and installed, but for now here is the big finale portion as it stands.  *The beak has a servo too, but you wont see it in this clip.  If you look through my youtube videos there are plenty of him talking.


And here is the radio my animatronic is tied to.  I wish I would have known about Arduino before I built it, but instead it has a Sparkfun MP3 trigger in it.  Also has a total of 7 LED colors in the dial and back that change depending on the selected channel.


Nice project.
The strobe light gets annoying, hard on the eyes.
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Thanks for the feedback!

The strobes were meant to build some tension during that part, maybe I went a little over-zealous... I might tone them down a bit and see how it looks. 

After 15 minutes of that bird dancing around already, I had to do something different with it though!

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