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Hello team! A simple question for you: if I want to use an old Li-ion battery from my mobile phone, how do I connect wires from my 2.1mm connector to the terminals? I understand that lithium batteries have explosive tendencies associated with overheating and I'm somewhat reticent, therefore, about soldering them on.

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Hi KE7GKP, thanks for your reply. I'm planning on adding my own 2.1mm connector to the mobile phone battery so that I can use it to power an Arduino or Jeenode. My concern is that soldering wires to the terminals of the battery carries a certain BOOM! risk. Any ideas how significant this is or how to get around it? I don't think phone packs have built-in battery management systems.
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Never ever apply heat to a lithium battery of any kind - this can lead to runaway reaction.
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If you only have one battery you only have araound 3,6V, most if not all mobil phones run on a single cell.

Maybe it would be better to buy new Lipo's they can be quite cheap, and remember to use a charger special designet for LiPo's. I wouldn't dare to mess around with an old cell, I have seen a lipo fire and I don't want to be part of one.



Thanks Erni & MarkT, I suspected that this might be the case. I will stay away from old phone batteries.
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