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Okay, so I came up with my Halloween costume.  Steve from Minecraft.  The "electronic" part will be the torch.  I already have a non-flickering circuit made which is simply a 9V battery, a toggle switch to conserve power, a yellow LED and a resistor (plus the needed wire).  What I would like to know is if there are any ICs or combinations of capacitors/resistors out there than can make the LED flicker (no predefined pattern required).  What I may do is switch the toggle to a 3-way switch so I can have off-flicker-on, but that will only happen if I can find something to make the LED flicker.  I dont want a full out microcontroller.

The torch will be very basic.  Two paint mixing sticks wrapped in paper and painted to have the minecraft torch texture.  The top may simply be wax paper or some other material that will allow light to come out but also diffuse the light and make a nice glow.

I do have one of those Solarbotics Light Pummers, but I am not exactly sure how it makes the LEDs pulse (when it comes to deconstructing a circuit, I am not that good).  That type of circuit would be great, honestly, with 2 LEDs.  I could have one LED always on (possiably dim), with the pulsing LED raising the brightness up occasionally.

Any suggestions would be great.


Go to your local "dollar store" and look for the LED tea candles and lanterns.
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This is without a doubt absolutely as simple as it could possibly get...

Note that there is a blog entry to go with that that includes info on how to get the "flicker LED" to drive a much larger/brighter LED: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/flicker

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