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Hello guys...
I was making a Transceiver in which i used a IR LED and IR Sensor, and arduino was connected to Computer. When i just complete the circuit Arduino got disconnected automatically(beep tone in PC)!! Dont know why. and IR Sensor Started heating up!! Why is this done??


The PC beep tone usually mean the USB connection to the arduino board drew too much current as there is a 500ma current limit. You likely had a miswired connector or component failure that cause an over current draw situation. How are you wiring the IR emitter diode and IR receiver chip?



My Circuit is like as shown in the figure. I agree that Due to drew too much current, arduino board disconnected. I think its my good luck that Arduino board is working. isnt it??

Here Output of IR sensor directly goes to the A0 pin of UNO.


You appear to have the pins on the receiver incorrect. Typically when looking at the front of the receiver the pins will be (left to right) data, ground, and 5V.


yaa....might be, i connected it wrongly. :)

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